Are you a business owner with a great product or service but
need expert marketing help?

Running a business can be really difficult to do on your own.

Look, we get you. You wear many hats, doing sales... operations... HR... accounting... that you may not even have the time to sit down and think about your marketing.

One of the best advice Mikee has gotten is to take the shortcut and ask help from experts so that you can save your time, money and energy trying to learn to do everything by yourself. She has applied this principle ever since she started and guess what, so can you with your marketing.

1:1 Consultancy With
Lead Strategist

for startup entrepreneurs looking for
help in their marketing strategiest

Work with our Lead Strategies to strategize your branding, website, social media and ad campaigns.

Monthly package includes:
✓ Weekly 1-hour sessions.
✓ Unlimited parachute calls
✓ Unlimited communication via email

Topics covered:
✓ Brand strategy
✓ Website strategy
✓ Social media strategy
✓ Campaign Strategy

1:1 Consultancy With
Chief Strategist

for entrepreneurs looking to scale and professionalize their business

Get expert business and marketing help from our CEO and Chief Strategist, Mikee Federizo.

Monthly package includes:
✓ Weekly 1-hour sessions.
✓ Unlimited parachute calls
✓ Unlimited communication via email
✓ Access to Mikee's library of templates you can use for your business

Topics covered:
✓ Entrepreneurship
✓ Sales strategy
✓ E-commerce strategy
✓ Retail strategy
✓ Brand strategy

✓ Website strategy
✓ Social media strategy
✓ Campaign strategy
✓ Team and operations
✓ Tools and system

1:1 Marketing Consulting
with Mikee Federizo

Mikee is the CEO and Chief Strategist of Purple Ant Media Inc. She is a certified global marketing consultant, who has over 7 years of experience in marketing for various industries such as beauty, food, technology, e-commerce.

Work with her 1-on-1 to strategize your business and marketing.
She can help you:
✓ Identify low hanging fruits you can instantly turn into sales
✓ Identify your target niche so you can save thousands of dollars marketing to "everyone"
✓ Plan how to attract your market through branding
✓ Create marketing strategies you or your team can implement
✓ Structure your marketing team and systemize your operations
✓ Identify tools and software you can use to run your business

Start working with Mikee and see results month by month.

Monthly Consulting Package includes:

 Weekly 1-hour sessions to tackle your business or marketing 
 Unlimited parachute calls 
 Unlimited communication via email  
 Access to Mikee’s library of templates you can use for your business and marketing 

Hear from Mikee's clients

Identified my niche!

Mikee has been so helpful in identifying my niche. I used to spend a ton on advertising but I realized I was marketing to the wrong people. After just a few sessions with Mikee, we were able to cut down my ad cost and increased my bottomline.


E-commerce Business Owner
Not just the 'What', but the HOW

I was afraid to get a consultant at first because I thought I was just gonna be told WHAT to do, but Mikee actually helped me with HOW I should implement the strategies she suggested. What a gem - I recommended Mikee to all my business friends!


Restaurant Owner
WORTH IT. Just go book her.

Mikee gives no-fluff strategies. She tells you what you're doing wrong and how to turn it around. You will feel that she genuinely wants your business to succeed. I can't believe she's only doing 1:1 consulting now and charging very affordably!


Fitness Coach

How to get started

Step 1:

Choose your package (monthly or quarterly)

Step 2:

Answer a diagnostic questionnaire about your business and current marketing strategies

Step 3:

Book your 1:1 session

Step 4:

Receive a confirmation email with the zoom link

You don't have to be overwhelmed with your marketing anymore.

We are Purple Ant Media, your clever colony.

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