We are the clever colony

When passion (red) meets imagination (blue), you get a unique purple animal.

And when that animal is a hardworking ant, what you get is relentless excellence. Purple Ant is a high-energy, hyper-creative, and high-impact marketing team focused on helping brands achieve their sales targets through well-thought out strategies, innovative campaigns, and diligent knowledge of our customers and their audiences.

Like real-world ants, we are purpose-driven in everything we do and will remain so until each client achieves the results they envision.

Why choose us as your marketing partner

Smart and successful businesses stand out from the competition by offering something unique to their customers. This is why we chose uniqueness and differentiation as core perational values - from how we want to be called in our own industry to how we want our clients to succeed in their markets.

Just as personalization and customization help orchestrate successful user experiences, the best marketing solution is always strategically tailer-made for each business. In the age of infinite choices and micro-niches, off-the-shelf marketing solutions that dangle instant success are just scams

When your partner with us, expect to be treated as an individual entity with strengths and challenges that are unique to your brand, locale, or business model. Because we respect your time and value your money, we will build your marketing strategy only after we have formed a sufficiently deep and precise understanding of your business as well as your target customers.

Because we see the big picture by default, we treat clients as partners and their businesses as our own. So, even as we excel at building game plans that beat KPIs, we celebrate success only when you feel you have achieved your goals working with us

Fun facts about ants

0 years
Unlike some bugs who might only live for days or even hours, the queen ant of one particular species – the Pogonomyrmex Owyheei – can live up to 30 years – so be careful not to stand on her!
0 x
A single ant can carry 50 times its own bodyweight, and they’ll even work together to move bigger objects as a group!
0 mph
Ants hold the record for the fastest movement in the animal kingdom The aptly named species of trap jaw ant, can close its jaws at 140mph

Our Clients

We are Purple Ant Media, your clever colony.

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