The Basics of Email Marketing

Date: October 8, 2021

Email marketing is the use of email to promote a business and has since become an emerging way to reach markets, especially since online presence starts with an email address. As someone with an email, you’re probably familiar with the marketing emails that brands send out to keep customers up-to-date with the latest finds or best deals.

Utilizing email marketing can serve useful to a brand, so write emails that people open and read, not mark and delete.

Don’t end up in the Spam folder

You wouldn’t want your content to be ignored. Here are ways on how you can create an impression:

• Welcome email

You only get one chance to introduce yourself, so do it well. In your onboarding email, make sure to thank the client for their interest or their purchase and that you are looking forward to developing a relationship with them. This will fascinate them on what you can offer and how your service is.

• Marketing/Content calendar

Prepare a calendar that you can follow for consistency, so your clients are always informed. While plans can change throughout a period of time, having a calendar means you won’t be scrambling for what and when to release, saving you from falling behind communications.

• Thematic emails

When creating a calendar, take holidays, anniversaries, and special dates into consideration. Halloween? Curate a collection from your products that aligns to the spooky season! It’s your client’s subscription anniversary? Send out a greeting and enclose something special, like a discount code that they can use within the month.

• Study your readers

Keep your emails to a reasonable number. Before every subscription, give readers the chance to choose what kind of emails they would like to receive. This way, a client who enjoys educational content does not lose interest just because they are being flooded with promotional emails. Retain your clients by providing them what they would read and enjoy.

Don’t lose the reader’s attention

Just because they’ve read the first emails you sent doesn’t mean they will stick around for the next ones. You can avoid attrition by testing what works best. Don’t blast a single email to all of your clients. Send varying emails to different sets of recipients and observe which performed well, got more traction and clicks, and generated sales. This experiment will help you know the optimal time and day to send your emails.

But before anyone even clicks on an email, their attention should be captured from the get-go. Ensure this by starting with a catchy subject line. Get readers curious enough that they’ll want to check the whole message.

Don’t get left behind

What may have worked before may no longer work now. Keep your email marketing strategy fresh and interesting by:

• Venturing into other email content

Nurture your clients by showing that you care! It’s not all about the sales, but also having loyal customers. While keeping promotional and transactional emails, add other types of emails to your arsenal such as client stories, interactive games, and surveys.

• Dealing with disengagement and unsubscribing

Dealing with these may sound tough because it shows that your strategy isn’t effective, but that doesn’t mean you have to back down or think that email marketing isn’t for you. Instead, it’s an opportunity to improve your approach, from planning to executing.

• Using designs

No one wants boring emails! Avoid being the clunky email no one wants to read to the email that everybody is happy to receive. By adding designs to your electronic direct mail (EDM), you can show examples, you can support the text with visual guides, or keep the message fun and light.

• Making your email responsive

People view with different devices and providing content that renders correctly will give the reader a better experience. Whether your reader is travelling via subway and on their phone or just working at home using their laptop, they can go through your email seamlessly.

Craft emails that are worth the customers’ time. Let’s collaborate.


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