The Common Mistakes Made In Social Media Marketing

Date: October 2021

Half of the world uses social media, so we’re willing to bet that mostly everyone you know is in the online space, one way or another. Being on either the big players like Facebook and Instagram or the booming TikTok means that you consume content on the internet. That cute video of puppies or the quick and easy pasta recipe you saw? Chances are, they’re content suggested to you based on the platform’s algorithm. That’s the power of social media marketing.

Getting it wrong can also be very easy. We've compiled the common mistakes committed when doing social media marketing, as well as tips to avoid them so your pages and simultaneously, your business, gets a boost in visibility and increase in engagement.

❌ Relying only on organic content Organic pickup can only do so much for your business. You being on the internet does not equate to instant exposure. Free traffic is good, but will not sustain online presence.

Instead… invest in paid advertising. There are various categories to choose from such as pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-impression (PPI). Under PPC are what we usually see like search ads (those that come up as top results on a Google search), shopping ads (items that are suggested to you to purchase), and display ads (they’re everywhere!).

❌ Not using storytelling methods Your product or service could be the best, but without a story, it wont tug at people's attention and emotions. Remember, it's natural for people to be drawn to content with a story. Products with a story.

✔ Which is why… share stories about your product. We see this method even in the biggest of players in their industries like Airbnb, Apple, and Nike. The next time you see an ad from them, you may have come for the brand, but stayed for the ad. You can do that too.

❌ Not having a content calendar If you're committed to building a social media presence, you need to post regularly. Truth be told, this is not easy, especially when you're not prepared for the days and months ahead. Which is why not having a content calendar that anchors your future posts would be the reason for your page to hit a slump and lose its momentum.

✔ Good social media marketing means having a content calendar. Not scrambling to figure out and find materials to post means high-quality releases without missing a beat.

You can make a content calendar even in a spreadsheet! Or you can also check out templates we've prepared for you.

❌ Not having a branding To have a branding is to have something that will stick to your customers, your pages' visitors, and everyone who will see what you put out to the internet for consumption. Your branding is your identity. Not having a branding will make your business forgettable.

✔ You need to create a branding. It defines who and what your business is. When your materials are brand-consistent, your business leaves a recall, even to those who just scrolled past it.

We've released a guide on creating your brand! Read here to get started. (Link to building your branding blog post)

❌ Not engaging with the audience Have you ever seen posts from a couple of minutes ago with lots of inquiries or feedback in the comments section, but no engagement? That practice makes customers feel that they don't have a relationship with the business, which may lead to customer attrition.

✔ What you need to do: Don't log off as soon as you put a post up. Be on standby for engagement on your posts, hit the like button on comments, write back some thanks to your customers--and even to your critiques! All these boost your page, but more importantly, let your followers know that you are listening and they matter.

Now that you know what to avoid and some of the basics, equip yourself with more social media marketing tricks and grow your online impact.

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