What You Need To Know About Video Marketing

Date: October 2021

Video marketing is growing exponentially. Is your business picking up the pace?

While this relatively new way of content marketing is starting to be a crowd favorite on the web, we've seen it at work for a long time via our televisions, when televisions and cable channels were the top ways to consume media.

Case in point? TikTok’s boom and currently-enjoyed success show how videos appeal to the social media frequenters.

Brands have been leaning more towards incorporating video marketing in their strategies. Multiple bloggers and companies have run their respective analyses, and it’s agreed that video marketing works. Results from the studies by Biteable, Wyzowl, and social listening tool Mention corroborate this. What edge does video marketing have?

Explaining done better

There are just things that can’t be explained by words alone that sounds and actions can. With videos, you have the time, the visuals, and the ability to present data and forging a connection at the same time.

Visual storytelling and representation

We’re big on storytelling, but content takes a notch higher when it’s paired with representation. In our previous post, we emphasized the importance of using the right words and the right way to communicate, depending on what voice your brand has decided to adopt. However, having a video that you produced, with your words, ensures that the tone of your message can’t be misconstrued or misread.

What’s even better? You can further customize content to match your viewers and connect with them through proper representation in your marketing materials. There’s nothing like storytelling done right.

Video and SEO, hand in hand

It’s said that search engines favor videos, and a page is highly likely to appear on top of search results when said page has multiple video content. Because of the generated traffic by video content, search engines take note and that can attribute to your page landing top results even more.

"CTTO: Social Media Week Page"

Facebook actually has a model on video marketing called Pitch, Play, and Plunge. It’s a self-explanatory method, Pitch the idea in 3 to 5 second videos, allow viewers to Play and catch interest in at least 10 seconds, and let the people take the Plunge and immerse themselves in videos for 15 seconds and more.

So whether you’re swayed by Instagram Stories with the Swipe Up option or scroll-stopping videos on Facebook, one thing remains true. Video marketing is here to stay and grow further.

Let’s experience the power of video marketing together.


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