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Gone are the days when people traditionally celebrate the first ‘holiday’ of the year – Valentine’s Day! This 21st century, the stereotypical “couples” day is being celebrated around the world in so many different modern ways. Some spend time with their family, friends, colleagues, and now even with their furry friends!

According to National Retail Federation, people are spending billions on Valentine's Day for their pets, buying gifts for their furry companions. This modern way of celebrating hearts’ day opens doors for businesses even if they are not into roses and chocolates to win the hearts of consumers. A sprinkle of creative marketing tactics and a heartwarming (yet simple!) copy can go a long way for these brands.

But, ever wonder how they are capturing the hearts of consumers with their smart and creative marketing activities during Valentine’s Day?

We’ve got a few tips up our sleeves, let us be your Cupid for today and give you Valentine’s marketing and gift hacks straight to your hearts!

Think outside the box (of chocolates!)

Purple Ant Media - Blog Valentine's Day images

Source: Pinterest

Purple Ant Media - Blog Valentine's Day images

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, nowadays, dating your friends, family, and yourself is not taboo to celebrate this occasion..even showing love for your furry friends too!

Chocolates, flowers, and jewelry, these traditional Valentine's gifts are already overrated, why not come up with unconventional gift ideas that consumers will love and will surely patronize – whether they’re single, in love, or a loving Fur-parent. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to promote ‘couple’ and ‘bundle’ products that will tickle the romantic side of every partner in love!

Journals, art supplies, self-care treats like nail spas and body massages, or treats for your loving pets! - creating paw-some marketing tactics for businesses like this will surely thrive on this love-filled day as consumers see this as an excuse to spend money on gifts and dates. Seize this opportunity to reach out to past clients and potential leads!

Through love bugs and pop-ups

Purple Ant Media - Blog Valentine's Day images

Source: Pinterest

Purple Ant Media Blog Valentine's Day Image

Spread love bugs (not website bugs!) to your customers this Valentine’s Day with banners and pop-ups on your website. This is the time to decorate your website with Valentine’s theme and offer special promos and discounts, as well as themed promotions to your leads and past customers.

And what’s more enticing? Offer products that are limited edition and are only available during Valentine's Day. Might as well launch products that are connected to the romantic mood of the occasion, right?

You don’t need to exaggerate your website decorations, just think of a better way to fit the mood and how to sell your products/services without sounding too salesy.

Bring back the love letters - with a modern twist!

Purple Ant Media - Blog Valentine's Day Image

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Make the hearts of your subscribers flutter with fun, light, and engaging email copies by offering promo codes in a subtle way. It’s like you are sending a love letter but with a modern touch through email campaigns.

But hey, remember that not all people celebrate Valentine’s Day the same way. Some don’t have special someone to celebrate this occasion with so make sure to include them in your email list. Diversity and inclusivity work well with any marketing tactics after all.

Also, you can send your thank you email to your loyal customers for their support by including coupons or discounts, this will make them feel special and appreciated.

The best way to make your customers purchase your product? An irresistible Call To Action! Simple yet effective CTAs like “Share the Love”, “Show Some Love This Valentine’s Day”, and “Let Them Know You Love Them” can directly impact the customers’ buying decisions.

No matter how we choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether traditionally or in a modern way, our genuine intention is what matters most. Marketing is no different, the sincere intention to sell your products or service to people is rooted in wanting to fulfill their desire to show their love for their loved ones.

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