How Gen Zs Are Changing the World of Marketing

Date: FEBRUARY 15, 2023 • CATEGORY: Marketing

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Generation Z, those who were born between 1996 and 2009 – also known as the most influential and progressive out of all the previous generations. They don’t just have a massive influence on political, social, and environmental aspects but also in the world of marketing.

How can we say this? Just look at those trending posts on social media platforms wherein Gen Z’s were voicing out their opinions regarding brands – either calling out their problematic side or praising them for being a good brand.

Influence of Gen Zs in Marketing

Ever heard or read the word #Boycott, well, that’s Gen Z doing the thing of making problematic brands take responsibility for their actions. These kinds of advocacy massively influence Gen Z’s or even other people to stop patronizing certain brands. But, don’t be confused, boycotting brands has deeper reasons than we think.

Some examples of these issues are:

NutriAsia strike where people are calling to stop using the brand’s condiments due to the violent dispersal of the employees’ conducting strike for a labor dispute.

The fast-fashion brand ‘Shein’ is being called out and boycotted due to its unethical work, high level of toxic chemicals in clothing, and stealing designs from independent artists to use for their brand.

Generation Z are those people who have the advantage of being an Internet-dependent generation and whose tremendous buying power, spending power, and brand loyalty have affected the Marketing world more than we think.

Gen Zs make up 40% of all consumers and spends more than half of their money on purchasing goods. But, what makes them loyal to a brand? Well, this generation values a brand’s mission, the quality of its product, and the services that a brand provides to meet its customer’s expectations.

In order to achieve this, brands must have strong tech reliability and effective marketing strategies that will align with their honest messaging. Gen Z’s also have a massive influence on their families when it comes to family purchase decisions.

Understanding Gen Z’s minds toward brands

Source: Voyado Elevate

As an Internet-dependent generation, most Gen Zs heavily rely on online platforms to get things done – especially online shopping. It’s a known fact nowadays that Influencers have a huge influence when it comes to their shopping behaviors and completely transformed how they interact with brands. According to a study, 65% of Gen Zs have purchased something out of an Influencer’s recommendation.

They also patronize brands that are aligned with their values, have a social cause, offer quality products, excellent customer service, and are honest in their messaging.

Gen Z also prefers brands that are accountable, transparent, and real. They also look for Corporate Social Responsibility in a brand, what are their stand on political issues, and demand sustainable kinds of products.

Based on the report of First Insight, 75% of Gen Z consumers are willing to spend 10% more of their money on a sustainable product.

The Gen Z way of marketing

Source: Voyado Elevate

Now that we know how the minds of Gen Z work when it comes to choosing a brand, let us leave you with some ideas on how your brand can adapt to their preferences and how this tech-savvy generation can move the needle for your brand.

★ Be where they are

Utilize social media platforms. As digital natives, Gen Z consumers spend most of their time browsing through different social media platforms. Brands can use this opportunity to utilize the power of Soc Med platforms to reach the Gen Z audience. Also, more brands are setting up their Instagram and Tiktok shops which the Gen Z audience is luring in most of the time. Instagram’s ‘checkout’ feature lets shoppers directly buy the products without leaving the app at all.

★ Look for their passion and values

The best way to connect with Gen Z is to share the same values and passion with them. Gen Z’s tends to lean toward brands that are advocating similar beliefs to them – showing eagerness to make a difference and fight for what they believe in. Let your brand give the opportunity for them to showcase their passion, in return, they will patronize your brand.

★ Gen Z likes to spend on experiences

It was found that 78% of Gen Zs choose to spend their money on experiences rather than purchasing tangible products. They value something that they can cherish for a long time than a temporary boost of happiness. They love to share their experiences, so capitalizing on it can be a win-win situation for both the brand and the consumers.

★ Align your Promotional Strategy

Who wouldn’t want free shipping and discounts, right? Even Gen Zs are into these kinds of offers. Despite the fact that they have huge spending power, they also prioritize saving money for the future – savings is also one of their motivators to buy. Offering discounts and free shipping can easily convert Gen Zs into your customers.

★ Influencers are the key

This is an essential marketing tip when it comes to capturing the Gen Z market to pay attention to your brand. Influencer Marketing is now a thing and this surely gets the gullible side of Gen Zs – wherein their buying decisions are based on Influencers that they follow. Influencers have somehow become a cultural phenomenon that tends to influence people in buying products or availing services.

Gen Z’s may be hard to persuade, but the fact that they are great at persuading their family, friends, and colleagues in patronizing or even boycotting a brand makes them the fresh target of businesses to sell their products with. Also, earning their loyalty requires a brand to be more socially and environmentally responsible and align with their progressive mindset. Gen Z’s values authenticity and purpose so brands need to make sure that these traits are prioritized if they want to win the hearts of this powerful and impactful generation.

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