Are you a 2nd gen entrepreneur or a startup business owner who wants to fast-track your marketing success?

Save time, money, and energy when you get help from our marketing experts!

Are you ready to get serious on your marketing strategy?

Fundamental Consulting is the first step to working with us. It is a 2-hour session with the agenda of determining your business’ goals and precisely what next steps to take to move the needle.

Intensive Consulting

Whether you are:
- A 2nd generation entrepreneur who wants to refresh your entire business, operations, marketing, HR and ultimately, increase your sales
- A startup entrepreneur and you have no idea where to start
- A personal brand/ intrapreneur and you want to create a digital business

We all need the same thing.


Imagine if:
- You can borrow our team’s brain for a day and get clear, actionable insights
- You can save yourself time, money and energy spent on trial and error
- You had the time freedom to focus on growing your business, instead of leading the operations day by day
- You had the tools to manage your business anywhere you are in the world

During our session, we will:
✓ Clarify your business direction
✓ Identify your new vision and mission
✓ Create your business structure
✓ Create your (product or service) offerings
✓ Organize your organization and create your T.O.
✓ Identify your brand core and positioning
✓ Create your sales funnel and design the consumer experience
✓ Identify your sales targets and 10x your profits
✓ Identify your capital needed and project expenses

The Intensive Consulting Package Includes:
✓ Personalized, 1:1 consulting from Mikee and her team
✓ (1) 6-hour session or (2) 3-hour sessions bookable via link
✓ Unlimited parachute calls (15 mins) for 1 month bookable via link
✓ Unlimited communication via email
✓ 1-hour post consulting check-in

Plus, you’ll also get access to:
✓ Zoom call recordings for you or your team to revisit
✓ Shared google drive with all our notes and links to any resources
✓ Post-call emails with action items

Sample Schedule:

30 Minutes
1 Hour
30 Minutes
30 Minutes
1 Hour and 25 Minutes
1 Hour
30 Minutes
30 Minutes

Introduction, Founders Interview
Defining Vision, Mission
Sales, Product Offer
Wrap up, Next Steps, Q&A

**Note that schedule may change depending on your business’ needs


Work Directly with Our Founder,
Mikee Federizo

Mikee Federizo is the CEO and Chief Strategist of Purple Ant Media Inc. She is a certified global marketing consultant, who has over 8 years of experience in marketing for various industries such as beauty, food, technology, and e-commerce.

She is a 2nd Generation Entrepreneur who understands that every penny spent in the business should be worth it and yield returns. This is why Purple Ant Media, Inc. has a very clear brand promise: To help our partners to succeed in their business endeavors through strategic marketing


In this comprehensive boot camp, our Purple Ant Management Team will help you build the right foundation for your business.

Investment starts at $2,997


✓ Choose one of the following schedules:
• One 8-hour F2F consultancy session (1 full business day)
• Two 4-hour online consultancy sessions
✓ Unlimited 15-min parachute calls
✓ Unlimited communication via email
✓ 1-hour post-consultancy check-in session


✓ HR Management
✓ Business Operations
✓ Finance
✓ Marketing and Sales

1:1 Marketing Consulting
with Mikee Federizo

Mikee is the CEO and Chief Strategist of Purple Ant Media Inc. She is a certified global marketing consultant, who has over 7 years of experience in marketing for various industries such as beauty, food, technology, e-commerce.

Work with her 1-on-1 to strategize your business and marketing.
She can help you:
✓ Identify low hanging fruits you can instantly turn into sales
✓ Identify your target niche so you can save thousands of dollars marketing to "everyone"
✓ Plan how to attract your market through branding
✓ Create marketing strategies you or your team can implement
✓ Structure your marketing team and systemize your operations
✓ Identify tools and software you can use to run your business

Start working with Mikee and see results month by month.

Our Valued Clients

Hear From Our Clients

“Working with the Purple Ant Media team is fun, energetic and productive. The flow of the programs are smooth and not only do I have clearer goals, but also strategies and actionable plans.“

Dr. Emy Onishi


“I know what you are doing is very fast-paced, and I can feel how passionate you are about the work that you do. Your team is something I would like to replicate in our own company.“

Stephanie Diputado-Boneo

SCBC Vice President

"Purple Ant Media helped me realize that we have a whole untapped market. I appreciate their help in identifying our market and helping us strategize all our marketing activities! They’re such a huge help to our company"

RD Barrales

Marketing Head, OzoneMed

"The Purple Ant team is very comfortable to work with. The working environment is friendly, focused and always open for new suggestions. Team creativity is what drives me towards them. They are always pushing themselves to find new unique ways and ideas to present. Creativity in the content is what makes them stand up from other competitors."

Krishna Bhatt

Director, Radico India


Step 1:

Choose your package (monthly or quarterly).

Step 2:

Answer a questionnaire about your business and current marketing strategies.

Step 3:

Book your session.

Step 4:

Receive a confirmation email with the zoom link.


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