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Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel, and Bottom of Funnel. One might think of food when first time encountering these words, but for marketers, these are the essential ingredients of a marketing funnel for gaining leads and transforming them into customers.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, the demand of consumers is also changing. The traditional marketing funnel and marketing strategies may not be effective nowadays as the preferences of consumers are already diverse – especially in purchasing and choosing the brands that they will patronize.

Imagine a car without its wheels, it will definitely be useless, right? Just like your business without a sales funnel, do you think it will gain leads and eventually convert them into customers? It will just be a shot in the dark with no direction to see. So, let’s dig in with the crucial tool every business must have and how it can drive its sales.

The ‘brain’ behind the Marketing Funnel

Elias Elmo Lewis formulated the traditional marketing funnel in 1898, the model is composed of the linear process of the consumer’s purchasing path including the steps of Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action also known as the AIDA model framework. It might be useful for businesses way back a hundred years ago, but in today’s marketing setup, well, it isn’t.

The traditional marketing funnel is not applicable in this digital age as consumers are non-linear and their attention is hard to get due to the information scarcity. We now live in a world where the average attention span of people ranges from 8 to 12 seconds. The only way to get them to give a glimpse of your business is to give them valuable content that they can use.

“Attention is the most precious thing that every company needs today in order to be successful”.

We may be thankful to Lewis for creating the traditional purchase funnel, but the only way to keep up with the changing times is to adapt to what is considered to be the trend and understand the dynamic behaviors of people in this modern era.

From Funnel to Hourglass

From this:

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To this:

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Consumers are now diverse. Traditionally, they are bound by consuming information from television and radio but now in the digital age, information is scattered on different platforms like Social media and the Internet. The traditional AIDA may not be applicable in the modern marketing landscape as consumers are not just into purchasing per se but looking for a brand that offers quality solutions for their problems.

Marketers must learn how to stay up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing and regularly update their strategies along with a funnel that shifts and adapts accordingly. In this world where consumers look for solutions to their pain points online, it’s essential for businesses to level up their sales funnels and be where their customers are.

Marketing was once a tool for generating mythical solutions for people, but now, they don’t want magic and empty promises but rather the truth that can help solve their problems. In this way, consumers can sense the genuine intention of brands to provide a solution to their pain points than just trying to sell. Once they find a brand like that, they will easily share it with anyone they know.

“Now more than ever, consumers expect brands to understand them,” said Nick Worth, a contributor at MarketingLand. It’s not just about selling anymore, it’s more about getting to know your customers as individuals. They aren’t looking for brands to get to know, but rather they want brands to get to know them.

That is why, from the traditional AIDA, we now go to a lot more digital version of the marketing funnel - the Awareness, Engagement, Consideration, Purchase, Adoption, Retention, Expansion, and Advocacy.

Introducing Purple Ant Media’s very own Sales Funnel

We know how marketing can be overwhelming, and going through such a long process of marketing funnels can add more burden for your brand. Why not go for a LESS hassle process that can give you MORE sales that your business actually wants?

Introducing our very own AntFunnel Framework. A more strategic and straightforward marketing sales funnel that can help you generate leads and convert them into paying customers. Lead Capture, Lead Nurture, and Sales Conversion, with just THREE simple steps, your business can actually achieve your desired sales goals and return on investments.

Let me explain to you the structure of our Funnel.

LEAD SOURCES: On top, you can see the Lead Sources wherein leads are coming from different sources like word of mouth, search, and socials.

WEBSITE: one of the most important tools for generating leads is your website. It will serve as your business's digital store, so it must be built cohesively and designed to suit the taste of leads to eventually convert them into customers.

LEAD CAPTURE: Lead magnets such as ebooks, webinars, and free trials can be used as tools to captivate potential customers - make them provide their contact details in exchange for valuable content that they can use. Through executing effective lead capture strategies, businesses can now have the power to increase their potential customers and eventually boost the number of conversions.

LEAD NURTURE: The next step in the funnel contains email marketing and social media- the tools to nurture your leads and keep them engaged all throughout. By establishing lead nurture strategies using consistent and compelling content in email marketing and social media, businesses can elevate their brand as well as convert leads into customers.

SALES CONVERSION: The final step in the funnel includes inquiries, discovery calls, proposals, and closing. These processes will help businesses go through a smooth flow of marketing strategies by implementing strategic marketing activities for sales conversion. With the given marketing tools, brands can expect the yield of return on investment and reach their goal of converting the leads into customers - down to sales.

Maybe you are wondering, what if your business already has the sales funnel but not getting the actual sales result that you desire? Well, we’ve got the solution for that! Our Funnel Optimizer Pro is a done-for-you, all-in-one marketing package that includes generating leads, nurturing them, and converting them into customers.

How? By encompassing all the essential marketing processes to help your business grow. From Branding, Website, Lead Magnet, Email Nurture, Social Media Campaign, and Google Ad Campaign, everything that your brand needs to achieve success.

What we taught as effective before may not be as effective as now. We should learn how to adapt to the changes around us in life, and marketing makes no difference. What brands used to implement their strategies in the former years should catch up with the latest trend nowadays. In this way, they can get the attention of their consumers and might as well lead them to retention.

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