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Inspired by the book Purple Cow by Seth Godin, Purple Ant Media started its marketing journey last June 2021. Purple stands for uniqueness, creativity, and quality, while Ants are a symbol of hard work and have strength in numbers. Combined together form a team of purple ants who embodies uniqueness and creativity in every work that they do.

As the #CleverColony, our goal is to be the deepest purple among other making agencies. Deepest Purple means to be different, be differentiated, and make a difference. To stand out by crafting strategic marketing strategies; to be recognized not just by our clients but in the industry that we are a unique marketing company; and lastly, to make a diffence in the work that we do.

These goals are want we want to replicate in our clients.


Make Purple Ant Media the
deepest purple in the marketing industry.


Help purple partners achieve their deepest purple.

For our ants to have a calm colony to practice maximum creativity and a secure, sustainable, and economical mound to work in.

Ensure financial stability and return to the owners of the mound.


One Team, One Dream

Strength in numbers! We believe that teamwork always makes the dream work.

Always Think Deepest Purple

we think and do our work differently, and to make a difference is our goal.

Bring Joy To Others

Calm and collect. We incorporate happiness and success in every employee and every client.


Mikee Federizo is the CEO and Chief Strategist of Purple Ant Media Inc. She is a certified global marketing consultant, who has over 8 years of experience in marketing for various industries such as beauty, food, technology, and e-commerce.

Mikee is a 2nd Generation and Innovative Entrepreneur who understands that every penny spent in the business should yield returns and be worth the investment. She is passionate about making the company grow through doing marketing out of the ordinary - thus making a difference in the industry. This is why Purple Ant Media, Inc. sticks to its goal of finding the deepest purple in every client and helping them succeed in their business by being different and making a difference in the industry.

Be part of purple ants subscribe to our newsletter.

Be part of purple ants subscribe to our newsletter.

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