What services does your company offer?

Aside from our goal of finding the deepest purple of your brands, we offer strategic services of branding and website development, social media management, ad campaign management, and our signature offer - the Purple 360 strategy that consists of all the services our company provides

What kind of marketing services do you specialize in?

We specialize in branding and website development, social media management, and ad campaign management.

What is your pricing model or how much does each service cost?

Kindly book a discovery call with us to further discuss our pricing model depending on the marketing service that you want or your business needs.

Do you have a portfolio or samples of your past campaign / client work?

Our pride and triumph stories are composed of our work with our past clients who we have served successfully. See our case studies here.

What is the Deepest Purple strategy and why do I need it?

Deepest Purple strategy means for your brand to be different, be differentiated, and make a difference. To stand out and be different from other brands, to be recognized as a brand that caters to unique services in the industry, and lastly, to be a brand that makes a difference not just in your field but in the world. Finding your brand's deepest purple will lead you to the right path that your business wants to take on.

What is the Purple 360 strategy and why do I need it?

Purple 360 Strategy is PAM's signature offer that consists of all of the services including brand and website development, social media management and ad campaign management - an all-in-one strategic marketing service served on a purple platter.

The purple 360 strategy is perfect for brands who want to refresh their entire business and generate more sales and leads.

How will I know what marketing service/s suits my business?

At Purple Ant Media, we offer a discovery call that will help you identify and discover what kind of marketing service/s is right for your business or what marketing service/s your business  needs.

How do you measure the success of your marketing efforts?

We measure our success through KPIs that we set at the beginning of our partnership.

What is your team's timeline for completing the project?

The timeline will also depend on the service that you will avail of and the revisions that you will request. We won't give you empty words to complete our marketing service for you, we work in a fast pace environment but we always make sure to quality check our work before presenting it to our client.

Does my business really need digital marketing?

EVERY business needs digital marketing. This will serve as your brand's backbone if you want to thrive in the digital era. Potential leads and audiences roam around in different digital platform - thus your brand marketing needs to be in the right place in the digital world to find the right target audience. We will help your brand have a solid digital presence, roll the sales in, and find your deepest purple simultaneously.

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