The History of Fonts & What They Can Tell Us About Branding


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As the world continues to change over time, things around us also grow as time passes by. One perfect example is language. Language evolves together with culture, and typography is a means of expressing our language. As these three continue to change, our font style preferences also shift along with it.

When we look back at font style history, typography is no different as it is also an ever-changing medium that goes along with contemporary society’s values and culture.

Congrats, it’s a font! The birth of typography and font

Typography and Font have their fair share of origin. The former originated from the Romans who invented the Roman square capitals known as ‘Capitalis Monumentalis’ and the latter comes from the Latin word ‘fundere’ which means “melt, cast, pour out” as it was cast in the early type foundries as molten metal letters.

The Industrial Revolution, improvements in the printing press, and increasing demand in commerce paved way for fonts to be used in advertising, creating bold, stylized, and crisp sans-serif with consistent line sizes. Fonts then became an essential part of every brand.

What does your font say about your brand?

Fonts are considered an essential part of brands as many of the world’s famous brands heavily rely on fonts as their logo and brand identity. In branding, font style choices play a huge role in reflecting the brand and communicating the right message to its customers. Different fonts evoke different feelings and emotions so choosing the right one to use is integral.

Here are some of the font choices used by big brands in their marketing materials:

  • Myriad – Adobe, LinkedIn, Visa
  • Futura – Red Bull, Paypal, Nike
  • Helvetica – Panasonic, Energizer
  • Didot – Zara
  • Univers – Unicef

Which one is your “type”?

Knowing and choosing the right font for your brand is important in starting your business, as it conveys the message that your brand wants to communicate with your audience. There are a lot of options that your brand can choose from, but if these options do not suit your business, then your only option is to create your own customized font.

Purple Ant Media - Blog Typography images

Here are some tips on choosing the right “type”

Know your brand identity
Decide on who your target audience is, what message your brand is trying to convey to them, and the emotion that you want them to feel.

Choose two fonts
Pick two fonts that suit your brand, one for the headings and title and the other for paragraph texts.

Check if they complement each other
Make sure that the two fonts you chose complement each other and deliver the same emotions to not confuse the audience.

Be consistent
The fonts that you chose should be used consistently throughout the existence of your brand as changing the font will confuse the customers on what message are you trying to convey.

Keep it legible
Choose a font that the audience can easily read and understand.

Ask for feedback
Prepare an example using your chosen font and ask your colleagues, friends, and family for feedback.

Time out! Amazing font facts you probably didn’t know

✰ Textura is the world’s first English font.

✰ The slanted text was called ‘Italics’ as it was invented in Italy which could fit more words on a page

✰ Publishers in the early days kept font pieces in cases for printing presses to use. Frequently used ones were put at an easily accessible lower height while uncommon fonts were kept higher up. This gave birth to upper and lower case letters where the latter being more used and common.

Did you know that the most hated font style in the world is Comic Sans? BUT, despite being the least favorite font, Comic Sans is ideal for dyslexic children who want to learn how to read. Still serving an essential purpose after all.

You sure don’t want your brand to be hated like the Comic Sans font, so make sure to choose the right one that perfectly suits and reflects your brand’s personality.

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